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Lao PDR national programme team profiles

National Programme Director


Mr. Douangkham Singhanouvong is a Master degree graduate in the field of Livestock and Science Engineering from Bulgaria in 1988 and from Denmark in 2002 respectively. Based on his knowledge and experience, he has been involved in many government missions since 1989. Main task he has performed since 1989 include a Deputy Chief of Veterinary and Livestock Unit in Oudomxay province (1989-1992), Researcher of Indigenous Project (supported by IDRC) focusing on Catch Monitoring at Khong District, Champassack province (South of Laos), Deputy Component Director of Assessment of Mekong Capture Fisheries Component (AMCF) under Fisheries Programme, MRC (1997 up till now). Due to his considerable experience in Fisheries Impact Assessment (FIA), he was also involved in many missions on Fisheries Assessment of Hydro-power development projects in La PDR namely Namtheun2, NamNgum2 and3, Namleuk, Houy Hoe and nam Ngiep etc. He has considerable experience in veterinary and livestock, catch monitoring and assessment.

National Programme Coordinator

Mr. Singha OUNIYOM

Mr. Singha Ounniyom has a Master degree in Water and Environmental Resources Management from the IHE in the Netherlands. He has over 20 years working experience for the Government of Lao PDR in various positions dealing with water resources management under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and in the Prime Minister’s Office. Since 1995 Mr. Singha Ounniyom has been working for the Lao National Mekong Committee Secretariat (LNMCS) as National Programme Coordinator for several externally funded programmes/projects implementing in the Lao PDR through the LNMCS coordination including for the Mekong River Commission’s Agriculture Irrigation and Forestry Programme; MRC Environment Programme; and MRC Fisheries Programme.

National Communications and Training Coordinator

Mr. Phatsakorn DEJVONGSA

Phatsakorn has a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics & Physics and English from Sisavangvong University of Laos (NUoL) and Bachelor Degree - Equivalent in Rural Development by Training from AIT. With over 11 years working experience with Lao Government - MOE dealing with Planning and International Cooperation and Academic Teacher/Trainer, three years as Lao-English News Translator at National Radio Department–MoIC; and over 10 years working with UN agency, NGO and WFP in the fields of Education, Integrated Rural Development(IRD), Education Communication, Human Resource Development, Disaster Preparedness, Food for Work Scheme and Relief. He has was Senior Translator /interpreter for TA314-ADB project with Science Technology & Environmental Agency (STEA) under the Prime Minister’s Office and three years as Local Consultant in Planning, Budgeting and Reporting for the Second Education Quality Improvement.

Administration and Finance Officer (AFO)

Mr. Chanthiva PRASASOUK

Chanthiva graduated from a four year Diploma of Business & Administration Management from Asia-Europe College and has a Bachelor degree in Road-Bridge Construction Engineering from Civil and Transportation Department, National University of Laos(NUOL).

He has experience as site supervision assistant in construction site for Construction Company in Savan-nakhet province. Two years in College of Special Teacherfor Finance & Accounting Management, four years as Chief of Finance for Executive Agency Office of Community Action for HIV/AIDS Prevention project covering five offices in three provinces namely Oudomxay, Khammouane and Savannakhet. He has considerable experience in finance-accounting with various agencies including World Bank, Auditing Company and Private College. Now, he is now undertaking a Master degree in International Finance Management at the Faculty of Economics & Management of NUOL. He also has a sound knowledge of Construction Engineering including soil, construction / renovation catchment’s areas, Hydro power plant and River Damage Control, GIS related matter and Engineering Project Management.  

NPO Secretary (OS)

                                                                                Amphayvanh graduated from Lao National University with a Bachelor degree in Education with a major field of English Langauge. She has sound working experience with government and other agencies for over three years in the field of Education. She has a number of personal qualities as well as a wealth of experience which makes her a valuable asset to the programme.

Driver of NPO


Samlet graduated with a Demi-Licence Degree ( Post Secondary Graduate/Pre-Bachelor degree) from “Ecole Superieure de Pedagogie Dongdok “ (Teacher Training College) Vientiane Lao PDR with over 20 years of being academic teacher teaching Lower and Upper Secondary Schools in Saravan Province (South of Laos) and the Monk Teacher Training School-That Luang and over five years of being a supervisor for the construction work of Technical School and Garment Factories in Vientiane Capital.

Attapeu team profiles

Provincial Project Co-manager


Vongthong has a higher Diploma in Forestry; he has 20 years experience working with the government in forestry and agriculture sector, much of his work is about conservation of biodiversity and forestry in both technical and decision making positions. He has training experience in management and development, gender, Sarus Crane and Wetlands. Vongthong is interested in seeing the youth and children getting involved in conservation.


Project Co-Manager

Souksavanh Sisouvong

Souksavanh has solid experience in project coordination and management. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration, as well as a Diploma in the same area. Through his employment, with organisations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Community Based Conservation Project and DRICO (We Know Water), he has gained knowledge on environmental issues. Souksavanh enjoys putting his skills to use in the areas of training, project coordination, working with communities and business management.

Wetlands Technical Advisor

Mark Dubois
Mark has a first degree in Biology, specialising in Marine Protected Areas and over ten years experience as a freshwater ecologist in the UK and SE Asia. Since 2000 Mark has been working as a regional consultant for both Government and Non-Government Organisations in the four countries of the Lower Mekong Basin. The focus of much of his work has been to highlight the importance of aquatic resources to local livelihoods, and seeking to incorporate the knowledge and interests of local communities into their own development. Mark is undertaking an Masters in Participation and Development at the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton. He has been living in Laos since 2000.

Outreach Officer

Phutavong Ladouanglerd

Phutavong has a background in Teacher Training, he has been involved in conservation and natural resources management in most of his working experiences, he has worked for both government and international organisations, he has sound experiences in community participatory approaches, facilitation skills and eco-tourism, he has inter-cross culture understanding and locally he has worked with people from different culture and ethnicity throughout the country. He has international training experience in participatory approaches; he enjoys working with communities and being with the nature.

Finance and Administration Officer

Vanhnee Sauvansay
Vanhnee has a background in Business Administration and Accounting with various training on financial and administration. Since 1995 she has been working with government, non-government and international organisations in the positions of Finance and Administration Officer / Manager for various organizations and projects including DANIDA, Poverty Reduction Fund, etc. She has personal interests in rural livelihood development and studies on ancient history.

Administration Assistant

Viengxay Xaydara

Viengxay has a first degree in Arts, Majoring in English from the National University of Laos, he has sound working experience in public services, and he has worked with hotels and tour companies in service, administration and management roles. He has skills in tour operation / management and office administration; he is also experienced in working with communities through people’s participation approaches. Viengxay is keen to learn about environment, development and conservation, he particularly interest in researching on local livelihoods.

Health and Nutrition Communicator / Facilitator


Bounkong has a first degree in General Medicine, he worked as volunteer at Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Mahosot Hospital, at Division of Post Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Medical Sciences, the National University of Laos. He has working experience with international organisations such as Health Unlimited, World Vision, ADRA, etc. he has considerable experience in working with communities in a participatory way. He has strong interests in assisting the communities in the remote areas to fight with the poverty in health and nutrition aspects.

Health and Nutrition Communicator / Facilitator

Phongchanh was graduated from the Medical Science University, Vientiane, Laos in 1990 and participated in Diploma Course in Dermatology, Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok, Thailand in 1997-1998. She has over 12 years experiences as a dermatologist in the leprosy inpatient ward and outpatient department, the National Centre of dermatology and also taught medical students in clinical practice, faculty of medicine sciences and the technical school of medical sciences, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR. Since 1998, Phongchanh has been working for skin diseases control including the Lao National Leprosy Control Program (NLCP), working together with NLR (the Netherlands Leprosy Relief), TLMI (the Leprosy Mission) and Handicap International. In 2000 she worked for the World Health Organisation (WHO) sponsored Leprosy Elimination Campaigns in five provinces of Laos (Vientiane, Savannakhet, Champasack, Saravan and Sekong) and g a undertook a training consultant for Handicap International/Acton Norsud, Savannakhet, Laos. Now Phongchanh is working in MWBP Attapeu province and responsible for health and nutrition component. She always seeks to the knowledge and experiences for developing local communities.