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 Stung Treng, Cambodia
Key biodiversity values
Site description Stretch of 37 km of the main Mekong River in northern Cambodia, adjacent to the Lao PDR. The main portions of the site are relatively undisturbed river channels, islands, and rapids.
Biodiversity highlightsUnique type of riverine flooded forest that has yet to be described is found in the site.
Irrawaddy Dolphins are permanent residents and the site is important for the migration of fish species.
Habitats• Riverine inundated forest
• Deep pools
• Sand bars
• River channels
MammalsGlobally endangered and threatened species include:
• Irrawaddy dolphin Orcaella brevirostris
• Oriental Small-Clawed Otter Aonyx cinerea
Birds: Globally threatened and endangered species at the site.

• Oriental Darter Anhinga melanogaster
• Grey-headed Fish-Eagle Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus
• Black-bellied Tern Sterna acuticauda

Only two, limited surveys have been undertaken.

Reptiles: Globally threatened and endangered recorded at siteNo detailed surveys undertaken

Siamese Crocodile Crocodylus siamensis is reported close to the site.
AmphibiansNo surveys undertaken
Fish: Status and Globally threatened and endangered recorded at site.
Over 100 fish species are reported, maybe up to 300 species.
• Giant Catfish Pangasianodon gigas
• Jullien’s Barb Probarbus jullieni
• Endemic freshwater Herring Tenualosa thibaudeaui
InvertebratesNo surveys undertaken