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Partnership strategy
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This size and complexity of programme requires an inclusive partnership strategy and mechanisms for involving both government organisations and NGOs as programme partners.

The mechanisms include:
Principal government partners – working through the government focal points and National Programme Offices
Other government departments, institutes and agencies – working through departmental focal points and through contractual arrangements for specific pieces of work
Networking partnership with NGOs for information sharing, training and communication purposes
Participation of NGOs in the Regional Wetlands Coordination Forum
Co-financing partnerships in which the programme and NGOs work together to develop, raise funds for and implement sub-projects in line with the objectives of the programme and the partner organisation
Parallel partnerships in which the partner organisation (NGO or government) is carrying out activities that are directly in line with the programme objectives and outputs. The programme might provide staff-time to assist, would share information and would provide a route to decision makers through the Steering Committee structures.
Contractual partnerships in which the programme contracts a partner organisation to undertake specific pieces of work identified by the programme or by the partner, in line with programme objectives and outputs.