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 Policy issues
The programme aims to ensure leadership commitment for more sustainable management practices across the region using a range of techniques and incentives.

Guiding principles for wetland conservation and sustainable use
As a result of the work of the MWBP a number of recommendations for wetland conservation and sustainable use to governments will be formulated in the form of principles, guidelines and agreements. This page is under construction.

The laws and regulations covering the use and management of water and wetland resources and the access rights to these resources in the Mekong countries will be reviewed and recommendations made for change. This page is under construction.

Sectoral policies
Many other sectors have an influence upon wetlands and their use. These influences can both encourage and discourage conservation and sustainable use. As part of a policy review process, the MWBP will assess the impacts of sectoral policies – agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transport, energy, trade, health etc. and make recommendations for greater integration and change where sectoral policies inhibit wetland conservation. This page is under construction.

National Wetland Action Plans
These are the reflection of the wetland policies in each country. Some countries already have National Wetland Action Plans, others have not yet adopted them. The MWBP will work to draft, review and improve National Wetland Action Plans, and to assist in their implementation. This page is under construction.

Financing mechanisms
Financing mechanisms will be used to facilitate creation of economic incentives that reward and reinforce sustainable resource use behavior and encourage the contribution to answering the needs of sustained, long-term funding for wetland management activities.