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Prize-winning poster at International Brisbane Riversymposium!

At the 9 th International River Symposium held in Brisbane ( Australia) from 4-7 Sept 2006, the best poster presentation award was made to Madhusudan Bhattarai, Environmental Economist of the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Program (MWBP),   for a poster entitled Improving Livelihoods Through Joint Management of Wetlands and Smallholder Irrigation in the Mekong Basin. This poster was co-author with  Chu Thai Hoanh , a senior water resources scientistat IWMI, Sri Lanka. The poster provides a highlight of  major activities of a collaborative project between IUCN/MWBP and International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in the Lower Mekong basin.

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MWBP brochure - Livelihoods


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The Role and Nutritional Value of Aquatic Resources in the Livelihoods of Rurual People: A Participatory Assessment in Attapeu Province, Lao PDR


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Participatory Poverty Assessment - Stung Treng, Cambodia


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Participatory Poverty Assessment - Attapeu Province, Lao PDR


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Participatory Poverty Assessment - Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand


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Participatory Poverty Assessment - Plain of Reeds, Viet Nam


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Thai Baan Research on the Ecology and
History of the Seasonally-Flooded Forest in the Lower Songkhram River Basin (Thai language)


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