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Programme management
 Further information about the management of the programme can be found in the 'Management Arrangements' and 'MWBP Organograms' papers in the Products section.  

The management of the MWBP is to be carried out as follows:
GEF Executing Agency – UNDP Lao PDR
Implementing Agencies
 IUCN – The World Conservation Union, Asia Regional Office, Bangkok
 Mekong River Commission (MRC)
Focal Government Agencies
 Ministry of Environment, Cambodia,
 Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre, (LARReC), Lao PDR,
 Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Planning, (ONEP), Thailand
 Vietnam Environment Protection Agency, (VEPA), Vietnam

Programme Management Unit based in Vientiane, Lao PDR, adjacent to the IUCN office and nearby the new MRCS building. Staff include the UNDP Programme Team Leader, IUCN Programme Manager and MRC Programme Manager. Technical staff include an ecologist, environmental economist, sustainable livelihoods specialist, communications and training coordinators.

National Programme offices in the focal government agencies, consist of a National Programme Director from government, National Programme Coordinator, a Communications and Training Coordinator, and Species Conservation Specialist (to be appointed in Phase B).

Demonstration Project offices in each of the provinces consist of provincial co-managers (from provincial governments), project co-managers, wetland technical advisers, and outreach officers.

Steering Committees structure
Mekong Wetlands Ministerial Committee – meeting as required to consider policy issues not otherwise considered by MRC Council
Progress reporting to MRC Joint Committee and MRC Council
Executive Regional Steering Committee – meeting once a year to guide and approve programme work plans and consider policy issues to be taken forward to MRC or Ministerial Committee
Programme Management Committee – meeting three to four times per year to guide implementation and approve half yearly budgets
National Steering Committees meeting twice a year to guide national work planning and consider national policy issues
Provincial Steering Committees meeting twice per year to guide the work in the demonstration sites
Technical Advisory Committees to advise national and provincial levels when work covers more than one province

Mekong Wetland Coordination Forum – is an annual meeting of international and regional organisations working on wetland conservation and sustainable use in the Mekong. The forum will provide an opportunity for sharing of information and raising of issues and concerns of non-governmental and technical organisations, so that these can be brought to the attention of the regional and national government committees.