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Monitoring & evaluation system
 Further details on the M & E system are provided in the programme strategy paper ''Monitoring and Evaluation' available in the Products section. 
An M&E system is being developed that addresses both the outcomes and impacts of the programme as well as internal monitoring for adaptive management. This will be applied at all levels and fed back into annual work-planning processes. The programme's structure of multi-scale decision-making units lends it flexibility necessary for adaptive management, which is informed by this feedback. The programme's multiple phases - for investigating and establishing an enabling environment and then to develop interventions - more readily allows course directions to be incorporated whereas a single phase structure would inadequately accommodate potential surprises arising in Phase A.

The Monitoring and Evaluations System highlights how government ownership is supported by the programme's explicit emphasis on capacity building in planning, monitoring, reflection and adaptation. Site and national level government actively engaged in programme planning strengthens the basis for long-term changes being achieved in human well-being and ecosystem condition. In particular, the programme will be aiming to strengthen the MRC so that after the programme finishes, it can continue this work throughout the region, incorporating wetland conservation and sustainable use considerations into its planning and monitoring work, its technical advice to the member governments and agreements between all four countries on the guiding principles established through the programme. This will be reflected in the development of an indicator during the start-up phase to assess progress towards the MRC capacity to continue this work.

During the inception phase of the programme, July to December 2004, the appropriate indicators and baseline information will be developed.