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Biodiversity - documents relating to biodiversity issues are arranged in five sections - Regional, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Number Title
MWBP.R.B.25.02.05 Development of species conservation action plans
MWBP.R.B.26.03.04 Use of the IUCN Red Listing process as a basis for assessing biodiversity threats and impacts in EIA
MWBP.R.B.3-4-5-6 and 9 MWBP documents on Mekong Giant Catfish, Pangasianodon gigas
MWBP.R.B.1.06.05 The plight of the Mekong Giant Catfish
MWBP.R.B.8.02.07 Species conservation action plan for the Mekong Giant Catfish
MWBP.R.B.10-14 MWBP Irrawaddy Dolphin working papers
MWBP.R.B.15-27 MWBP working papers on Mekong populations of Siamese Crocodile, Crocodylus siamensis
MWBP.R.B.23-24 Working papers on Eastern Sarus Crane, Grus antigone sharpii
MWBP.R.B.22.04.06 Sarus Crane book (Vietnamese)
MWBP.C.B.1.08.06 An assessment of the biodiversity conservation significance of the Mekong Ramsar site, Stung Treng
MWBP.C.B.3.03.07 Stung Treng Ramsar site - draft management plan
MWBP.C.B.2.12.06 Threats to White Shouldered Ibis (Khmer)
Lao PDR  
MWBP.L.B.2.10.05 Siamese crocodile in Lao PDR. Preliminary status review. Crocodylus Siamensis
MWBP.L.B.4.06.06 A rapid inventotory and assessment of wetlands in Attapeu, Lao PDR
MWBP.L.B.3.12.06 Incidental wetland bird observations from Attapeu and Savannakhet provinces, Lao PDR
MWBP.L.W.1.10.05 Scoping study for biiodiversity assessment of the Mekong River in Northern Lao PDR and Thailand
MWBP.L.W.2.10.05 Follow up survey for biodiversity assessment of the Mekong River in Northern Lao PDR. October 2004
MWBP.T.B.1.11.05 Downstream fish migration in the Lower Songkhram River Basin. Fact sheet
MWBP.T.B.2.11.05 Fish species in the "paa bung paa thaam" - Local knowledge of fishers in the Lower Songkhram River (Thai)
MWBP.T.B.3.12.06 Rapid inventory and assessment of wetlands and their biodiversity in the Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand (.zip, 33 Mb)
Viet Nam  
MWBP.V.B.4.10.06 Biodiversity of freshwater fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds in Lang Sen Nature Reserve. October 2006
MWBP.V.B.5.12.06 Report on vegetation mapping of Tram Chim National Park, Dong Thap Province, Viet Nam
MWBP.V.B.3.10.05 Status of the Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) in Song Hinh District, Phu Yen Province, Viet Nam
MWBP.V.B.8.10.06 Integrated water and fire management strategy for Tram Chim National Park. Viet Nam
MWBP.V.B.8.10.06 Integrated water and fire management working papers and Annexes (.zip, 119 Mb)