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 ABOUT THE livelihoods reports


Livelihoods - documents relating to livelihoods issues are arranged in five sections - Regional, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Number Title
MWBP.R.L.1.01.07 Securing sustainable livelihhods through wise use of wetland resources: Reflections on the experience of the MWBP
MWBP.R.L.2.01.06 Tai Baan research: Local wisdom for resources management
MWBP.R.L.3.03.06 Tai Baan Viet Nam exchange
MWBP.R.L.4.06.06 Attapeu: Songkhram exchange visit
MWBP.R.L.5.08.05 Collective Action: WANI final report
MWBP.C.L.2.02.05 Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA)
MWBP.C.L.1.01.07 Health and nutrition. Final report
MWBP.C.L.3.06.06 Sustainable agriculture, CEDAC, March 2006
MWBP.C.L.5.10.06 An ecotourism assessment of the Stung Treng Ramsar Site
MWBP.C.L.6.11.06 An assessment of the potential for implementing silkworm farming and the production of refined silk in the Mekong Ramsar site
MWBP.C.L.4.05.06 Micro-credit and self help groups, Stung Treng Ramsar site
MWBP.C.L.7.01.06 Comment from Tai Baan
MWBP.C.L.8.01.06 Group discussions
MWBP.C.L.9.12.04 Vulnerability assessment to climate change in Stung Treng
Lao PDR  
MWBP.L.L.1.12.03 The role and nutritional value of aquatic resources in the livelihoods of rural people - a participatory assessment in Atapeu Province, Lao PDR
MWBP.L.L.2.02.06 Participatory Poverty Assessment, Actionaid international
MWBP.L.L.3.06.06 Health and nutrition mid term report
MWBP.L.L.4.12.06 Health and nutrition final report
MWBP.L.L.5.01.07 Health and nutrition information sheet (.zip)
MWBP.L.L.6.12.04 Vulnerability assessment to climate change in Attapeu
MWBP.L.L.7.03.07 Fisheries management summary briefing
MWBP.L.L.8.06.06 Drilling and equipping five groundwater tube wells in Haad
Oudomxay Village, Sanamxai District, Attapeu Province Lao PDR
MWBP.L.L.9.03.07 Fisheries assessment reports in Ban Kasom and Ponsaat (.zip)
MWBP.L.L.10.12.06 Fisheries management guidelines: Rules and regulations for fish conservation zones in four villages in Attapeu (.zip)
Thailand Working Papers on Livelihoods in Songkhram
MWBP.T.L.1.04.05 Ecology and local history of the seasonally flooded forest in the Lower Songkhram River Basin. Tai Baan research by the Tai Baan Research Network of the Lower Songkhram River Basin
MWBP.T.L.2.02.06 Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA). Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand. Synthesis paper
MWBP.T.L.3.07.06 The village researchers of Tai Baan: Improving wetland management through joint learning. Synthesis paper
MWBP.T.L.4.07.06 The Songkhram River wetlands of Northeast Thailand and
participatory resource research initiatives. Synthesis paper
MWBP.T.L.5.07.04 Thai Baan research in Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand: reflections on experience and guidelines for establishing participatory resource research elsewhere
MWBP.T.L.6.12.04 Vulnerability assessment to climate change in Songkhram
MWBP.T.L.7.03.07 Handbook for development of sustainable wetland management through physico-chemical water quality analysis
Viet Nam  
MWBP.V.L.2.02.05 Participatory Poverty Assessment
MWBP.V.L.1.12.06 Care final report
MWBP.V.L.4.12.06 Wetlands case study
MWBP.V.L.3.06.06 Study on ecotourism development Viet Nam