ABOUT THE programme reports


Programme – This section contains all the documents relating to the MWBP, its establishment and operation. It also contains cross-cutting themes such as training and communications. The section is itself divided into the following sub-sections:

a. Programme documents
b. Reports – quarterly summary reports
c. Minutes of meetings – Regional Steering Committee and Programme Management Committee
d. Systems – operational manuals, database, M & E
e. Communications – strategies for communications and networking and reports
f. Training – training strategies and reports
g. MWBP Brochures
h. MWBP Facts sheets

Number Title
MWBP.R.P(P).1.10.02 Programme brief for Lower Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme
MWBP.R.P(P).2.07.04 Programme document for Lower Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme
MWBP.R.P(P).3.07.06 Mekong Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme - Mid-term evaluation
MWBP.R.P(P).4.09.06 MWBP information note on the future of the programme

MWBP.R.P(R).1-9.12.8, 10.12.04, 11.12.05, 12.12.06

Quarterly reports (.zip)
MWBP.R.P(P).13.12.06 Reporting on the programme Logframe - Final report, December 2006
MWBP.R.P(P).14.03.07 Terminal report of the Mekong Wetlands BiodiversityConservation and Sustainable Use Programme - Phase A, March 207
MWBP.R.P(R).12 Database reports 2006
  Fact sheets
MWBP.R.P(S).1.10.05 Policy and procedure guidelines for financial management
MWBP.R.P(S).2.04.05 Monitoring and Evaluation Systems manual
MWBP.R.P(S).3.01.07 MWBP database management guidelines
MWBP.R.P(S).4.12.06 MWBP closure plans
MWBP.R.P(C).1-6 MWBP communication strategies
MWBP.R.P(C).7.05.05 MWBP programme branding guide
MWBP.R.P(C).8.05.06 Staff guidelines for editing, formatting and writing
MWBP.R.P(C).9.05.06 MWBP acronym reference list
MWBP.R.P(C).10.08.05 MWBP reference notes for editors
MWBP.R.P(C).11.04.05 MWBP media guide
MWBP.R.P(C).12.05.05 MWBP media monitoring guide
MWBP.R.P(C).13.10.06 Using video to capture stories of change
MWBP.C.P(C).14.12.04 Final report of 2004 WCC Theatre project
MWBP.C.P(C).15.12.06 Awareness campaign on Fishery issues in Stung Treng Province
MWBP.R.P(C).16-20 MWBP networking action plans
MWBP.R.P(T).1-2, 8-9 MWBP training reports Phase A
MWBP.R.P(T).9.10.06 Proposal writing workshops (.zip)
MWBP.R.P(T).6.12.05 Report on study tour to Ramsar COP9 and Uganda wetlands (.zip)
MWBP.R.P(T).7.12.06 Reports on the wetland ecology training courses (.zip)
MWBP.R.P(T).10.10.06 Strategic environmental assessment training workshop